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We all desire to Lavish in the Light of Love and the Liberty of Laughter but how many of us do it? How many of us engage in spontaneous fun with ‘No Lust of Result’ attached? How much of our time, interest, inclination and effort is spent in trying to be right, needing to be seen as someone ‘in the know’ or authority? In other words, we want to be in control or at the very least, convince other we have the answers…know what we are doing. But, the truth is: we don’t know. We don’t have a clue about anything. Certainly, we have our familiar habits, ingrained ideas and conditioned ways of doing things but that does not make them right; it simply makes them arbitrary.

The truth of the matter is we can’t learn IF we think we already know. “You can’t teach those that NEED to be taught.” The desire to learn and experience life remains as the imploding impetus in man. We continually evolve through a myriad of self-restricting limitations on our way to ‘sanctified freedom’.

In order to be born, one must go through a mutational expansive unremitting breakthrough. In other words, though what we start out to be remains virtually intact, we will go through countless “changes of seasons” on our way to final liberating conversion. Never do we remain static, without the compulsory need to expand and evolve.

It is solely because of the emancipating need of the “light to shine” in us that we exist in the first place. We were formed in the void (something so unfathomable we cannot begin to understand how it occurred) and grew in darkness (which housed and nurtured our beginnings) until we were ready to enter the world of expansive light. “Let there be Light”, it is written and so we are here. Yes, we are here to expand our light; to envelop, reflect, refract and revolve the light beams of truth as we envision and experience them.


There is an old adage: Publish or Perish. In essence, we as human beings are all codified publishers who are commissioned to research and record his findings (stories). There is nothing as hideous and cruel as someone who tries to prevent the publishing of material geared toward the liberation of minds. You tell me what acts are more notoriously atrocious than the ‘burning of books’ as an attempt to control the minds of people by prohibiting what can be read? No material should be censored but brought out into the LIGHT of proper understanding, assimilation and application. “Application” is the key word.

If the principles are not applicable, what good are they? Here at Lamp Magic Publishing, we strive to publish practical applications of universal truth based on verifiable ancient esoteric arts and sciences (experimental in the observable world) such as astrology, numerology and the revered Kabbalah. Some may refer to these writings as originating in the occult but we prefer to say “experimental and documented validity”. In other words: “if you can’t use it, what good is it”?

In essence, Lamp Magic Publishing founded upon the scientific spiritual concepts of Mode of Cosmic Therapy have proven to provide an enormous validated storehouse treasure of invaluable knowledge and wealth of verified applicable wisdom for those who have chosen to assimilate and apply it. No one would dare argue that obtaining knowledge (coupled with wisdom) enable one to be “digestibly free”.
We here at Lamp Magic Publishing establish and maintain an expansively rich esoteric and occult library of material which enable the seeker to expand his mind, explore his heart and experience his soul’s  selected journey on his destined lighted path to ultimate freedom. 

                                                                                                                                                      Let the search begin!






Are you ready to continue on a journey of Self-Actualized discovery? Do you believe there are so many more things to discover about yourself? Could it be possibly that you haven't even ever met the real you but have lived with a composite personality formed by certain ideas, opinions, and conditioning accumulated throughout your lifetime?  The expansive journey begins right where you are; doing exactly what you are doing with whomever you are doing it with. 


At no time, are we not heading somewhere, doing something, in the midst of progressing (as we currently understand, incorporate and relate to progression) 'sometime'. We all want what we want and are bound and determined to do whatever it takes to secure it. Whether that be a specific person or goal, our mind's attention is fixed on getting it so we can be more happy. The same goes for Charlie McRoy whose only dream is to own a Genuine Red & White Sandblaster.

By the time we enter the 8th grade, around, about, the age of almost 14, we pretty much know what we want. Some people may disagree, but Charlie McRoy KNOWS, beyond a shadow of a doubt what he wants more-than-anything-else-in-the-whole-wide-world: a Genuine Red & White Sandblaster!

Determined to be the first, one and only, kid in town to actually possess the magical, motorized, instantaneous, transformable skate-board machine, he is willing to do just about anything required of him to make sure he gets the object of his true desire



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